Our journey together starts with the Breath…

Who we are

Brodie Walton and Nadine Warbrick are a married couple team devoted to sharing the love of conscious movement, breath and living throughout Australia and internationally. We are currently based in Darwin, and hold local and national workshops and sessions on Yoga, Breathwork (Breathwave TM technique) and Sound Healing. Nadine loves teaching yoga to the community and teaches all levels and abilities. She has a passion for training and development for teachers looking to further their careers. Brodie focuses on the sound healing aspect and enjoys holding regular sound healing sessions privately and publicly. Both do workshops together and also hold private Breathwork sessions in Darwin and via online. Whether you’re new to conscious living, or you’re a regular who would like to deepen their awareness and connectedness, we welcome you! See the Offerings and Events pages for what we can offer you…

Conscious Connected Breathing - Breathwave (TM) Technique

Ancient cultures have been using nature, movement and sound as part of ceremony and daily ritual. We have since lost the art of ritual and ceremony, and replaced it with a large ‘To Do list’, environmental stress and barely sufficient relaxation time to allow the day to integrate. We self medicate with addictions, and add more toxins to the body on top of physical, emotional and environmental stress. The body’s way of releasing these ‘toxins’ and build-up is through circulation and relaxation.Conscious Connected Breathing (in particular, Breathwave TM technique) not only provides sufficient circulation to process physical toxins, it allows deeper integration of unprocessed emotions, trauma (from childhood, recent injury/surgery, or ancestral).

The modern world needs to re-learn how to Breathe fully, consciously and deeply.

Nature’s Flow team and married couple based in Darwin Australia, Nadine and Brodie are fully qualified International Breathwave TM facilitators. In Private Sessions, they also provide coaching and support to empower you on your own Self Healing journey.

When we realise our truest potential in ourselves and others, we live in what's called our "Flow State" - where you are exponentially growing as a soulful human being, fully connected to yourself and community. Our health runs optimally and we are able to make the best decisions that serve our purpose. This is available to everyone, of all body types and ages!

We uphold the indigenous and First Nations knowledge, lore and law, and energy of the land, with deep respect, everywhere we facilitate.


Workshops and Breath Circles in Darwin

Next workshop: 1-3.30pm on 14 July $65 @ Darwin Yoga Space.

Includes 1 hour full Breathwave TM Session! Book now to reserve your spot. Limited to 20 spaces. This is a workshop style space for new, regular and experienced ‘breathers’. Safe for pregnant women and disabilities.

Bring yourself (no other props needed) and a drink bottle. If you have any queries to whether this is right for you, please email us. More info via Facebook event page.


Connecting to source


For more information on Breathwave TM technique, and trainings to become a facilitator, please see www.breathwave.net

Watch this video to hear from the founder and dear friend Robin Clements as he explains the endless benefits of Breathwave TM.