Cultivating a home Breath practice on your own

Start gentle. It’s important that you have had some guidance from a qualified Breathwave (TM) facilitator before venturing deep into your own home practice. Keep it light to start with - perhaps 5-10 minutes at a time, with ample relaxation/savasana time.

Drink plenty of water, and try to avoid addictions. It can be a good detox to do, and no doubt you’ll see and feel the benefits.

Find a quiet, warm and comfortable place with fresh air circulating. Ensure you’re not disturbed or disturbances are at a minimum. Playing music helps and also helps you to keep track of time.

If you are on medication, consult your Doctor before weening yourself off. It’s important that you are fully supported in what can be an epic journey. Once you’re confident with your home practice, you can allow the time of each session to slowly increase organically. It is helpful to keep a journal to express what is being felt or healed. Avoid trying to do too much too quickly!

If you find it hard to ‘breathe’ fully, you can try prop yourself up with a bolster or on a chair/against the wall. Make sure you are always relaxed and that the exhale is gentle and free.

If you become anxious about going to a Group Breath Session, please contact us. At times it can be better to do a private session, especially if you feel you are working with a heavy recent trauma.

Reasons why you might stop a home practice

Dr Michael Brown, author of the Presence Process, says there are 3 reasons why someone would cut their practice short:

  1. ‘this is too hard, I’m going to stop’

  2. ‘nothing is happening, I may as well stop’

  3. ‘I’ve got what I need, I can stop now’.

We recommend keeping to your committed time you set for yourself. Often discomfort can arise and a ‘breather’ will cut their practice short, make unnecessary movement or make excuses to stop. It’s OK, however, to stop if you are afraid you are getting too deep too quickly. If that is the case, simply relax (stop the dynamic breathing) and be mindful of body sensations until you feel ready to get up.

Other Breathwork Techniques

Other techniques are magical in different ways. Forceful styles of breath are not designed to continue for long periods of time (to avoid hyperventilation. Breathwave is gentle to purposively strip away any physical, emotional and environmental trauma/discomfort. Other techniques are designed for different things and we encourage you to pursue your understanding from a qualified professional teaching that technique.

Music / Ambience

We have created many playlists on Spotify that you can access: search ‘nadinewarbrick’ and the playlists that have ‘BW’ in the title range in time, energy (highly energetic vs low key). If you need to know which might suit you, please contact us You do not need to play music in your session, but it can help you keep time and also allow for adequate relaxation time following the dynamic connected breathing.

We hope this information is helpful to you. Book an online or private session if you would like us to tailor a home practice for your needs.